What we are about


We don’t make people choose menu A, B or C. We listen to you, find out what you want, talk about how we can achieve it with you. We apply over 30 years of experience in all sectors of the catering industry to your event. 

Spectacular Wedding Events with Themes and Requests

Table Service Wedding


 We deliver all family service style dishes, and everyone digs in and passes it round. Very social and interactive and great for breaking the ice. 

Italian Anti Pasti Buffet Table


Authentic Italian recipes where almost anything goes. Hot or Cold foods designed to thrill the taste buds!

Two Course Wedding Meals


Simple two course wedding meals with Wedding Cake as Dessert! It's best not to let the cake go to waste that's what it's for!

Alice in Wonderland!


Yep really! We're happy to accomodate any preference and make sure your day is exactly as you wanted it!

BBQ or Fish & Chip Weddings!


That's right we'll do anything! Fancy takeaway at your wedding or a relaxed Garden BBQ so everyone can feel more at home? We'll do it!

Carvery Weddings


Bride & Groom nominate 1 guest from each table to carve and serve a joint for their table. (They even get a chef hat and apron!) Family service veg & potatoes. 

Wedding Menu Sample

We have done some spectacular wedding events with some themes and requests like..