Suppliers - Our Good Friends

One Stop Wedding Shop


 Having worked at multiple wedding venues and done over 150 weddings. We provide a One Stop Wedding Shop with help from our Suppliers!

Sister Company - Wonderbar


 We have our Sister Company Wonderbar! The lovely Bethany can make your dream cocktail, teach you and your guests to make them or run a bar for your guests 

Lloyd Hilton - Singer


  Lloyd our talented wedding singer whose voice is so rich he was cast a Mufasa in the west ends Lion King. 

Hobbit Cupcakes


  Former executive Chef Rachel now runs Hobbit Cupcakes & can make pretty much any cake imaginable, her work is sublime as the pictures will tell. 

Highwayman Films


  We have Glen from Highwayman films, a Videographer who can capture your event on video and in photos. He created our new ad you can see here on our website or on social media. 

Help with Hire too!


 We can also help you with your equipment hire, we work with you to find a local supplier, work out your needs and help you hire directly from them.